"oh no! this guy's got wings! " ( David Almond)


Michael finds an old man in the cobweb- and junk-inundated garage of his family’s recently purchased house.  He feels sympathy with the old man and together with Mina, a liberal-minded, home-schooled new friend they take care of the man, who is almost dead. They feed him and take him to an old house, where he is safe. When they get to touch him, they feel that his shoulder blades are similar to wings and the question arises of the evolution, the close connection between humans, birds and the supernatural.


Dec 6th - 15th 2017  Aula, PH Freiburg

May 30/31th 2018 Teatro Civico, Vercelli / Italy


... eine Geschichte über Vertrauen, Optimismus und Hoffnung und über das Geheimnis der Vorstellungskraft.

Skellig goes TILLIT-Festival

zum dritten Mal folgen wir der Einladung und reisen ins Piemont

30./31.5.2018 TEATRO CIVICO Vercelli / IT