10. - 19. Dezember 2013

STONE COLD - a play about living on the streets of London

adapted from Robert Swindels award winning novel about homelessness


director: Susanne Franz

cast:  PH-Paymates


Aula PH Freiburg / University of Education

Hier die Kritik der Badischen Zeitung vom 12.12.2013



...nach unserem großen Erfolg mit Frankenstein - präsentieren wir diese Saison einen nasskalten Krimi...


The 16-year-old Link becomes homeless after his mother's boyfriend Vince kicks him out of his home. He decides to leave his hometown and go to London.
After arriving in London, he first finds a room, but very soon the landlord kicks him out and he is officially homeless. Now Link cannot get a job since he has no address and he cannot get an address since he has no job. Link is very afraid alone on the streets, but after a while he meets Ginger who teaches Link how to survive on the streets of London. 

Meanwhile Shelter,  Shelter, a former British Army veteran, is planning a mass murder: He views homeless people and junkies as waste, so he chooses to clean up the streets of London by killing them. Shelter plans very meticulously. By buying a flat and a cat he manages to lure many of the homeless to their deaths. One day he also meets Link and Ginger... 


"...there'll always be an England and England will be free,

of all the dirty dossers, and all because of me...

July 2014

The PH-Playmates are taking part at the 

Drama Festival / English Theatre Frankfurt

with selected scenes out of "STONE COLD"

Playmates 2013
Playmates 2013




Auch die Playmates-Produktionen feierten 2013 ihr 10-jähriges Jubiläum !

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